Social Media Marketing and SEO Service

Facebook is the hottest platform among other social media websites and apps in Myanmar. Viber, social messaging apps announce they have the biggest user population. According to companies’ target audience, it matters choosing platform. It’s not all about where most people are reaching. It’s about where people will probably decide to buy your product and service. We provide strategy, plans, content and other services about social media. We create Facebook pages and manage. We keep pages of companies up in LinkedIn Network. We handle Viber public group chat, Line business account and other business accounts from all kind of social media platforms in Myanmar.

Search Engine Optimization is a going-to-be-popular channel for marketing. Organic foods make you healthy. Organic search keep your business grow without spending at advertising. We master both on page and off page processes of SEO. We deliver the best content for on page site and audit the site. From technology needs to content needs, we all fulfil. Digital Kaway has been having over 30 technology blogs in contribution channel. We are friends of bloggers and blogger makes us friend. Business friendship help me getting quality links for other businesses. We share the success and outcome together. That’s the way we are building blowing and link building ecosystem in Myanmar. Creating relevant and neutral content for users is a keen.